We specialize in fitting patients who are difficult to fit with contact lenses.
Below is a guide to the types of contact lenses we offer.

Soft Lenses (Hydrogel)

Soft lenses require almost no physical adaptation. For most individuals, full-time wear is achieved quickly and effortlessly. They have, in addition, become the standard for contact lens wear in sports, since these lenses are difficult to dislodge and don’t easily allow for dust to get underneath. Available in dozens of materials and even more designs, soft lenses can correct the vast majority of eye prescriptions. They are available in both daily and extended wear (overnight) options.

Rigid Lenses (Gas Permeables)

As the name implies these lenses are firm and do not contain water. Hard materials take a somewhat longer time to adapt to than soft, but once that is accomplished, they can be worn with comfort and safety by most individuals. Rigid lenses offer the benefits of maximum optical performance and ease of care. They can be designed in virtually any size, shape, and prescription. We currently employ well over a dozen materials in our unlimited array of gas permeable lens designs, selecting each based on our patients’ needs.

Hybrid Lenses

These lenses have a hard lens center attached to a peripheral soft skirt. The concept is one of rigid lens optics with soft lens comfort.

“Disposable” Contact Lenses

Since 1986 our office has been involved in the development and introduction of disposable lenses. Disposability is mostly a soft lens concept, since hydrogel lens types generally soil and deteriorate more rapidly than rigid lenses. Many designs and materials are now available with “disposability” options. We currently offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual contact lens replacement programs.

Specialty Lenses

We offer many other contact lens options including bifocal contact lenses, custom designed lenses, cosmetic (or colored) lenses, Orthokeratology (myopia control) lenses, aphakic contact lenses for cataract patients, and color deficiency lenses.

Special Effect Theatrical Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Custom made contact lenses are available for actors to enhance eye color or to substantially alter the color or shape of an eye. We can provide technical support “on set” to supervise the insertion, removal, and care of these devices.
Our office is dedicated to giving you the finest professional care during the initial fitting procedure as well as follow-up care to ensure that you will continue to enjoy your new way of seeing.